Clients Include:

Client Projects:

Manson Construction Co.

Full-service representation and environmental oversight for demanding real estate issues

Manson Construction Co. provides marine construction services throughout the United States. DWC handles Manson’s expansive real estate needs including in- and out-of-state office, yard, and moorage lease negotiations, land purchases, and sales of surplus property. In addition, DWC manages the company’s complex environmental efforts on Washington’s Lower Duwamish River, coordinating multi-party services, cost allocations, and insurance matters.

Port of Everett

Guidance for prestigious, multi-faceted property development

The Port of Everett’s major redevelopment effort, Waterfront Place Central, is a 65-acre project that will offer a mix of restaurant, hotel, residential, office, and commercial space. DWC prepared a detailed economic model of the planned development and ran various development scenarios for stakeholders. DWC also provides on-call services supporting lease and sale endeavors, joint venture structures, and pro-forma analyses.

Talon Portfolio Services

Analysis and planning for valuable properties in transition

Talon Portfolio Services, a subsidiary of  Talon Private Capital, provides asset management, construction management, and consulting services. One of Talon’s clients own’s a 58,000 sq ft suburban office building with a pending vacancy by its sole tenant. Talon requested DWC’s expertise to prepare a comprehensive situation analysis report for the building outlining several scenarios for ownership consideration (sale, remodel & re-lease, upgrade, etc.). In addition, DWC produced an adaptive re-use analysis for future alternatives for the commercial property.

Davis Family Investors

Trusted mentorship & hands-on support for multi-generational holdings

Davis Family Investors is a three-generation investment and management business specializing in multi-home properties. As the second generation prepared for retirement, the third generation wanted a finance officer to round out the ownership skill-set. In that role, DWC provides annual budgeting, cash forecasting, strategic portfolio structuring, keep vs. sell analysis, loan negotiation, and other transactional services.

Arrow Marine Services

Thorough property evaluation and financial analysis for critical business decisions

Arrow Marine Services, a Washington launch and freight services company, hired DWC when interested in purchasing their headquarters in Port Angeles, Washington. DWC performed detailed due diligence on the target building which included complicated legal factors such as a pending default of the seller’s mortgage and a ground lease out of compliance. With DWC’s comprehensive report identifying critical pros and cons of the property, potential solutions, a framework for decision-making, and key negotiation points, management made informed, valuable real estate determinations with quality backup documentation.

North Coast Homes

Customized financial reporting and capital structuring for founder and investors

North Coast Homes, a successful local homebuilder, wanted improved financial statements for reporting to its investment fund, help in sourcing and structuring capital needs, and general financial consulting. Working with the investment fund, DWC crafted a dashboard method for reporting the financial and development status of projects. DWC also worked to ensure documents were structured to reflect the intentions of the client and meet their business needs. As a thought partner, DWC provided honest, objective feedback to North Coast’s founder so that strategies aligned with his vision.

Juniper Capital

Setting up a new real estate business the right way

Local real estate lender, Juniper Capital, used DWC when first opening their doors. The owner, a skilled loan officer, knew his limits when it came to running a business and brought in DWC to assess and structure business systems. DWC conducted a thorough assessment of the business operations and systems and provided critical feedback for necessary changes. Areas of focus included the accounting system, loan closing policies and procedures, and insurance coverage review.


Strategizing and preparing a comprehensive business plan for new development company

Asani, LLC, an entrepreneurial team with diverse investments, had successfully completed two highly praised real estate projects using green development techniques. Due to our strong real estate finance background, DWC was enlisted to vet ideas and create a viable business plan leveraging relationships in development management and private funding with the potential in local foreclosed properties. Asani committed six months to investigating the opportunity to create a multi-family development company and continues successful green development with Grow Community, its newest project on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Auburn Development

Investigations lay the groundwork for successful corrective lawsuit and monetary award

DWC offered our services pro bono when we heard about a 100-year-old family business and Auburn institution at risk of losing everything after a failed joint-venture development project. DWC reviewed financial documents and other available information and immediately noticed significant inconsistencies and irregularities in the partnership. With DWC’s reports, the family succeeded in winning a significant judgment in court and recouped substantial value.



“Dan is very smart and detailed. As my right-hand finance guy, he made sure our projects were capitalized right, structured properly, and looked at from different angles. His impact on our operations is that we made a lot of money on projects.”

Bart Brynestad, Partner, Panattoni Development


“I’ve known Dan for over 20 years. He has a very unique background that allows him to look at situations from the perspective of an accountant, a lender, a borrower, or an investor. You don’t find a lot of guys with that breadth of experience.”

Greg Baker, Vice President, Homestreet Bank


“Dan has the ability to see a project from both the ten thousand foot level and the ten inch level.”

Dennis Rattie, Vice President, Tarragon


“Dan is very easy to work with, and you can have confidence he is going to meet his commitment.”

John Heckel, Contracts Manager, Manson Construction


“When you work with Dan you are going to get an honest response. He’s not going to give you an answer just to give you an answer and have you feel good, but you’re going to get the information you need.”

Jon Eastlake, President, Washington Chapter of Financial Executives International


“Dan has a great understanding of real estate finance. He is very organized and asks the right questions. He made me figure out what the answers are. Overall, he gives me a high-level snapshot of where I am and keeps me on track.”

Lee Johnson, President, North Coast Homes


“I work with a lot of good people that have high integrity, but I think of Dan at the top of that list. He’s never going to cut any corners, and he’s going to be completely honest with you. I think that’s his greatest strength.”

Tim Brown, Senior Analyst, Moran & Company


“I really enjoyed working with Dan on the Board of FEI. He’s a finance guy with personality”

Tamara Legler, Interim Regional Branch Manager, Robert Half International


“Having known DWC for over 10 years, Talon has the trust and respect to repeatedly retain Dan and his team. Dan has a unique aptitude for both quantitative financial analyses while recognizing the relative importance of qualitative evaluation. DWC is always our first call when we need accurate execution and thoughtful insight.”

Bill Pollard, Co Founder, Talon Private Capital


“I think one of Dan’s real strengths is his interpersonal skills. He has a way of making people feel real comfortable in talking with him and sharing information. They just really enjoy spending time with him. He’s obviously got a great sense of humor, so I think that naturally puts people at ease and he’s a real honest, trustworthy guy, so that certainly lends a lot of credibility to what he does. And Dan’s also a real hard worker, so people respect him for that at the end of the day as well.”

Troy Black, CFO, Touchstone Corporation